Divine Sheep Farm

     Our flock is registered with the American Miniature Cheviot Sheep Association.  We breed for conformation, disposition, fleece quality and hardiness.  Since moving to the farm in 2011, coyotes have been a challenge and caused great losses each spring.  Initially, llamas were introduced for predator control, without success.  Donkeys followed and although they offered a warning by braying loudly, little was done to deter the coyotes.  A single Great Pyrenees stayed with the flock, but was unable to prevent the coyotes from killing the spring lambs and occasionally a ewe or two.  A few months ago, the addition of Tina and Fey, two Anatolian Shepherds, have been the only successful attempt to minimize the losses.  The farm is fenced with “Red Brand” netwire with a strand of barbed wire near the ground and another along the top.  Coyotes are a crafty lot and the fence seems to make it inconvenient for them to cross the farm, but it definitely does not work to prevent entry.  We are looking forward to the future of being able to work on growing the flock without suffering substantial losses each spring.

How I Capture the Moment

Keep the Client Comfortable

Because I’ve spent a great deal of time working on the arts scene, I’ve had plenty of time to study how people react to someone in their comfort zone.

Towards that end, I’ve created a way of getting close without making the photo’s subjects uncomfortable. If it takes a minute or an hour to capture the perfect magic of your special moment, I’ll find a way in without breaking the mood.

A Study of Subjects

Therapeutic Solutions for Capturing You At Your Best

As an art photographer, I’ve learned how to approach a subject from a number of different possible angles, both physically and figuratively.

Unlike big-box photography studios, I work with my subject to make them comfortable so that they’re willing to reveal that special magic to me. Instead of snapping the first picture of a child smiling, I look for more.

I’ve used play therapy to help children open up for their pictures, letting them show their real personality in the photographs I capture.

I spend time before the wedding getting to know my clients so that their love shows through in photos that they’ll adore because it captures their spirit.

Family portraits don’t have to be staged and staid! I’m willing to travel to your favorite place and catch your family at play.